Geopointe location-enables Salesforce allowing Customers to gain spatial insights via maps and apply geography to business processes. Geopointe integrates Salesforce with Google Maps to help you visualize your Salesforce data geographically and take advantage of all that geodata provides.

Geopointe is available on the AppExchange. If you have questions that are not answered here, search the Help Center or Contact us.

Geopointe is…

The #1 Geolocation app on the Salesforce AppExchange
One of the most reviewed apps on the Salesforce AppExchange (300+ reviews)
A “native” Salesforce application that runs right inside your Salesforce system
Very configurable and adaptable to any Salesforce system
A platform. In addition to the features we provide end users, your team can extend Geopointe
Available on AppExchange right now for you to try with your own data!


Geographic Searching

Use Geopointe to search for any Salesforce data anywhere in the world. Geopointe provides various tools for helping you make geographic-sense of your data. For example, the Radial Search feature finds results within a specified radius of a chosen location. To be more precise, a user could simply draw a shape on the map to search or use the Viewable area of the map itself to search. Geopointe offers various tools to help you isolate exactly where to search for information.


Routing and Optimization

Plan your day with Geopointe. Add search results to a route, put in any address or search out business listings database to find stops. Then build the route, print it, save it, and even optimize the route to help maximize your time while on the go. Routes are exportable, printable, and viewable in our mobile apps.

Mobile Apps

Geopointe Mobile connects you to your Salesforce data through Salesforce1, for both Android and iOS devices. Working directly inside the Salesforce mobile app, it leverages the configurations and settings from the main Geopointe application, but keeps it simple for working on the go. Check-ins are also integrated directly into Salesforce1 as a publisher action.



See your data in whole new way with Analytics, provided by our partner, SpatialKey. Capable of mapping all your Salesforce data, Analytics gives you the big picture using advanced visualization and filtering capabilities. Identify trends and unveil patterns you never knew existed!

Deep Salesforce Integration

Setup Data Sets in Geopointe to specify the data you would like to map. Whether you are identifying fields to return with the results or filters that should be applied to the search, Geopointe lets you define things with precision. When filtering, use our filter wizard to apply field filters, cross-object filters and even filter logic to get your search just right. These Data Sets can be saved, edited, copied, and adjusted directly from the Map.

Add to Campaign

Add to Campaign

Use your mapped results to add records to a marketing Campaign. No matter what data is on the map, we will help you add the appropriate leads and/or contacts to the Campaign.

Custom Actions

Custom Actions

Administrators have full control over the buttons and links that appear to users and can even create their own. We call them Actions. Actions can exist at the record or list level and can send information to a URL you specify or hook into your own Apex code.


US Census Demographics

Pair your results with US Census data. Apply US Census data to your maps and view metrics like household income, age/race/marital status distributions, etc. inline with your Salesforce data. Granularity can be viewed from the State, County, Tract or Block Group levels.

External Data Layers

Apply external data layers to the map. Geopointe supports KML, KMZ and GeoRSS files.

Places Search

Flesh out your routes with an interactive map that allows you to access non-salesforce data. Search for businesses and landmarks directly within Geopointe, delivered from the Nokia/Navteq Places database. Search for something as general as “coffee” or as specific as “Starbucks.”


Geocoded Data

Geocodes are how Geopointe stores the mapping data. Saved as their own records, they offer more information than just the application’s ability to locate addresses. As a by-product, it returns useful information as part of the address cleansing process, including the clean address and possibly more information about the location.


Top-Notch Support

Our customers matter to us, and our goal is to make the Geopointe installation process a smooth experience. We conduct weekly and topical webinars, answer support requests promptly, and consistently update the Help Center with new, useful information.


Change of Ownership

Among the list actions you can perform on the Map Page is the ability to change the owner of a record. Change all results on the map or specific ones of your choosing. The UI is a simple selection box; choose the new owner and save. Simple at that! This new feature acts as just an example of the sort of functionality tappable using custom actions.